Benu BioPharma

is a biopharmaceutical and product development management and consulting company. Benu BioPharma is focused on providing the essential functional expertise for drug and product development with the efficiency, nimbleness and speed of an entrepreneurial organization that is critical in the present business environment.

LipimetiX Development

LipimetiX Development’s lead peptide, AEM-28, is an apolipoprotein E mimetic peptide for refractory hypercholesterolemia, coronary artery and peripheral artery diseases, and is currently in preclinical development. 

AEM-28 has been extensively validated in the most relevant animal models by a leading academic institution prior to formation of the company. AEM-28 has been granted orphan drug designation from the FDA. >> Visit LipimetiX Development

Topical Remedy

Topical Remedy has developed a novel topical drug formulation for the treatment of herpes labialis, suitable for the OTC market.

The Topical Remedy formulation is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials. Benu Biopharma provides all the development services for Topical Remedy.